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Apple was less socially significant than Google and Amazon

Joint study and Recode SurveyMonkey showed what users consider the most important for society.

People participating in the survey answered only one question: “In your opinion, which of the following companies made the greatest contribution to society?”.

The leading position occupied by Amazon, to get 20% of the votes of all respondents. In second place was Google with 15% of votes. IPhone manufacturer closes the top three with 11% of votes.

Survey participants also praised the activities of the head of the Amazon and called him a man greatly influenced their daily lives. Voted for by 22% of respondents. The head of Google said 18%. In third place, despite recent blasts scandal, was mark Zuckerberg with 17% of votes. CEO of Apple, the three leaders were not included.

Representatives of Recode reported that they did not think the results are unexpected, as Amazon has long been a favorite of the audience, and her services are used by a very large number of people around the world. If this seems ambiguous appearance in the Top of Mark Zuckerberg. Probably many people did not pay attention to the curiosity with the discharge data of 80 million users last month. Or introduced contribution need not be positive.

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