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Apple was allowed to use TRIM for third party SSDS in OS X El Capitan

Closed Apple ecosystem has its pros and cons. First, it provides the best compatibility of hardware and software, as you do not have to maintain the entire existing fleet of devices. Secondly, thanks to smartphones, tablets and computers more secure against malware. Nevertheless, the policy of closure creates certain inconveniences. Including, when it comes to working with third-party SSDS.

Last year with the release of OS X Yosemite, Apple refused to support the TRIM command for “informal” SSDs. This function is designed to maintain the performance of SSD at maximum level throughout their lifetime. Due to the fact that on the domestic level, the implementation of operations in SSDS differs significantly from the implementation of the same operations in the HDD disks, conventional methods of operating systems, such as deleting files and formatting leads to lower the write speed. In other words, TRIM delivers optimum SSD.

Apple had not approved the use of third party drives in their systems, however, existed tools that can bypass the restrictions and enable TRIM. In OS X Yosemite, the mechanism of digital signature modules, kernel extension, which play the role of driver blocks the such.

Apparently, Apple has revised the decision in OS X and El Capitan back to previous settings. In the new operating system to make the relevant changes that allow you to do such programs, such as Trim Enabler permitted level of OS security mechanisms.

Developers Trim Enabler found that if you disable the protective function Rootless, El Capitan you can use TRIM. And it’s enough to run the command in terminal “trimforce enable”. In the near future, developers Trim Enabler plan to release new version with support for the new desktop OS.

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