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Apple was accused of copying the design of the HTC branded case with battery

On Tuesday Apple began selling branded covers for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s with built-in battery – Smart Battery Case. The accessory allows to increase the battery life of the device up to 25 hours. Readers drew attention to the fact that the iPhone clothed in case Apple new, suspiciously similar in design to the HTC Incredible S.

Incredible in English means “incredible”, “amazing”. So loudly called in his image HTC flagship, which debuted in 2011. HTC made the original phone cover in the shape of the relief above the body of the device. Hidden inside the battery.

A similar design method Apple used in its case Smart Battery Case. Acting under the cover is a battery that can significantly extend the battery life of the iPhone.

Let’s leave on the conscience of the Apple design solution company. But what can you say about the new cover in HTC, there is no doubt. In October, the Taiwanese company in response to criticism in the design borrowing Apple stated that the company from Cupertino in the last year copied iPhone 6 design line of HTC One. “We didn’t copy. We did phone in a metal unibody back in 2013. Is Apple copied us, if we talk about the antenna design on the reverse side,” — said the representative of the management HTC Jack Tong.

I must say that the class covers, iPhone batteries for a long time, because most modern smartphones lack full batteries even on a day of active use. In the case of the Smart Battery Case this is the first official case of the battery from Apple, previously, these accessories were produced in a third-party company.

Smart Battery Case available for 7690 rubles, and sold in two colors – dark gray and white.

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