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Apple wants to hire more African Americans and Asians

Apple wants to hire more women and members of racial and ethnic minorities in the framework of the policy of diversity. About it wrote in an open letter to CEO Tim cook.

According to Apple, 54% of its employees are white, 18% are Asian, 11% are Hispanic, and 8% African Americans. Over the past year, the company increased the number of Asians and blacks, the proportion of whites has decreased. Compared to Google, 61% of employees are white, 30% Asian, and less than 10% total members of other racial groups. Twitter previously reported that in the offices comprise approximately 59% of white employees, and 29% are Asian. In Facebook, the share of African Americans and Hispanics account for only 4% and 2% of the state respectively, while eBay 61% of employees are white.

Women take no more than 30% of technical positions in the Apple offices around the world. Only the Corporation employs approximately 100,000 people. Updated age and racial statistics about the Apple employees posted on the company’s website.

“Apple has always been different. Company of another kind, with a different view of the world. It is a special place, where there is the opportunity to deliver the best products – the products that change lives and help create the future.

We want everyone who joins our team, every customer who calls in technical support or visit our stores to feel like home. We believe in equality for all, regardless of race, age, gender, sex and ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation. This rule applies to all companies around the world without exception,” wrote cook.

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Apple CEO emphasized that in matters of socio-cultural diversity the company from Cupertino is beyond such traditional categories as race, gender, and nationality and who are “generally not used”.

A new statistic shows the results of the second year of work to increase the number of women and members of racial and ethnic minorities among employees. Concluding message Apple CEO noted that the company “still has a lot of work in this direction”.

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