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Apple wants the iPhone without connectors. This is useful, but expensive

Paul Gorodnitsky – how how the most greedy Corporation on the planet is to steal money from buyers in the coming years.

Mark Gurman – one of the most respected insiders at Apple. However, since, as he traded 9to5Mac on Thursday, blasting the leak was much less. However, recently mark finally broke powerful post: it turned out that Tim cook wanted to make the iPhone X is monolithic, that is, to deprive him not only a mini-Jack, and lightning port.

According to Gurman, Apple boss persuaded, citing the fact that wireless charging is still too slow, exotic and generally risky, because people are not yet used to the loss of the 3.5 mm connector. After much debate, cook agreed with the arguments of subordinates, but it is clear that Tim will not leave this topic without development. Well, Steve jobs would have done exactly the same, because one of his unspoken guidelines was: deferred ideas need to tighten and implement, and not to forget in the drawer.

Therefore, it is better now to get used to the idea that the new iPhone will not be able to charge the classic cord.

What does it mean?

The most likely scenario is charging in the style of Apple Watch, that is, using a fairly strong magnet.

Than it is convenient for the user? Almost nothing for him, nothing will change, only the wire is not fastened to the lower end and to the back cover.

Why is it beneficial to Apple? Because fakes will be much less for the same Watch, for example, you can buy only the original cable, because all the Chinese stuff is absolutely not able to feed the device.

In addition, Apple needs to sell charging AirPower. They say it will debut in September 2018 and the announcement of the new iPhones. Cool is expensive (about $ 100) accessory – you can stick dozens of beautiful pictures with a smartphone, a clock and 2 AirPods headphones that are cute are on the magic plate and quietly charged.

Most curious is how Apple will explain to fans that their old lightning cables you can distribute to friends with old iPhones?

There are two options. Secondly, it is always possible to strengthen the nominal resistance and record a couple of clips about how great the new iPhone shoots under water. Second, the rapid charging works wonders. “Before she had to pay extra by buying a separate adapter, and now you have it out of the box. Great, right?” – about this speech is waiting for us at the presentation this year or next year. And with thunderous applause, people forget how fragile Apple cables and how expensive they are (cord for Watch – 3 thousand at the company store).

So cook will solve three tasks. Will present the first smartphone without connectors and provides users with a useful (especially for marketing) features – again. Napadaet expensive accessories two. Give the hat to the Chinese who already got used to copy-paste lightning, but nothing you can do about it with magnetic charger – three.

However, there is a really sad bottom line: the dream of a single charger for all smartphones in the world will remain a dream. Apple is not just going to ignore the trend for USB-C company elementary jump over this stage, with a mocking grin, watching as the Android manufacturers even in 2018 keep churning out budget gadgets with the old and worthless microUSB connector.

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