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Apple vs. Google: who’s who borrows ideas?

Last week, Apple fans accused Google of that Corporation is copying ideas from Apple company. This week already users who prefer devices Google, argue that Cupertino shamelessly steals the unique features of the development of the search giant.

According Game2day, it has become an annual ritual. Two giants of the era of smartphones hold a major conference to highlight the differences of their devices from competitors and gadgets to bring to developers and consumers the basic idea: “smartphones at best, they have everything to enjoy life”. Paradoxically, every year the differences are becoming increasingly blurred.

So, at a recent conference, Google revealed new Android: payment service Android Pay (complete analog of Apple Pay) that allows you to pay for purchases in stores, support fingerprint scanner as in iOS, the ability to check what permissions you require. It’s already in the iPhone and iPad.

In turn, Apple at WWDC will introduce an improved version of the map application Apple Maps, which has become a full-fledged competitor to Google Maps. Also “Apple” the company will announce its response to the assistant Google Now, which will be context sensitive and user habits when searching and processing data on the device. Moreover, Apple is rumored, increase the amount of free storage in iCloud (currently, users can store files at an aggregate amount not greater than 5 GB), while the search giant has completely removed the limit on the amount of data that can be stored in the cloud.

The competition between Apple and Google is primarily beneficial to users and developers: both corporations strive to improve the quality of services, to reduce the price of the device to actively innovate. This once again proves the truism: the lack of competition adversely affects market dynamics. For example, since, as in the 1990s, Microsoft have established a monopoly on the OS market for PCs based on Intel processors, the Corporation has significantly passed with regard to innovative products.

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At the same time, various business models underlying the strategies of Apple and Google, have no effect on customers and developers. The company focuses on the iOS exclusivity and produces top smartphones iPhone. The search giant distributes Android for free, trying to attract as many developers as possible.

As for Apple, soon the company will introduce a rival streaming service Spotify, the subscription to which costs $10 per month. Also, it is expected that the Corporation will allow application developers to create native programs for the Apple Watch.

The differences between products companies increasingly blurred. However, Apple may get indisputable advantage in the promotion of “smart” hours, if you allow third-party developers to create fully functional software for your gadgets. If done correctly, the charges in the borrowing key ideas will disappear.

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