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Apple users are more loyal to the brand than owners of Samsung gadgets

Research firm RBC Capital Markets, studying the consumers ‘ loyalty to brands, has published the results of research among buyers of Apple products and Samsung. The survey was conducted among 3177 US residents.

The report took into account the views of consumers aged 18 to 65 years. They were asked to evaluate brands and products, are issued under them, from the point of view of price, quality and convenience.

It was found that 83% of iPhone users, choosing a new Communicator will prefer a device of the same brand. Among the buyers of products competing Samsung there is much less of 64.2%.

It is noteworthy that among the users of Apple gadgets fewer of those who intend to buy a competitor’s product. Only 4.2% of iPhone owners plan to buy a Samsung smartphone, while among the holders of South Korean vehicles “Apple” gadgets interest each tenth of 9.7%.

“For manufacturers of smartphones consumer loyalty is one of the most important indicators of the success of their products,” commented the results of the research RBC Capital Markets. He added that Apple and Samsung in this regard, out of competition in the market and exceptional results.

Meanwhile, experts say that Samsung is more efficient than Apple entices users of other smartphone brands, with one third of those who decided to change the brand of your phone, select Samsung. On Apple products go, only 24% of consumers.

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