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Apple urged to copy the Android system update corporate applications

Music Apple Music service, launched last week, has caused mixed reviews. On the one hand the application provides access to a virtually unlimited catalog of iTunes, on the other – cannot boast of stable performance, high functionality and convenience due. Known Apple fan Jim Dalrymple even refused streaming Apple calling it a “nightmare”.

How Apple could solve the problems with Apple Music? If the company has separated the system updates the standard iOS applications from operating system code, we could quickly produce the necessary patches. Now in order to fix even the small mistake in their applications the company needs to release updates for all operating systems. This is due to the mechanism of iOS. As a result, users weeks and even months waiting for the fix of those or other bugs.

Explorer Gwen Williams from The Next Web called Apple to borrow a system update from Android. Google almost all the preinstalled applications and proprietary software third-party get updates from Google Play. This approach is more flexible: the program is updated separately from the OS code.

“Apple can’t boast the speed of development of own applications, like Maps, Podcasts, and Music because she needs to release a whole system update to make minor changes. Third-party developers, on the other hand, can very quickly fix and improve their software, at the expense of what their products are often beat Apple products”.

Apple itself, is driven into the framework due to the lack of flexibility in updates. What if after the final release of iOS 9 something again goes wrong? For example, crashing happens at app News or stop working iBooks? Apple Music clearly demonstrated the shortcomings of the current system update iOS. First, users complain about the stability of the service, and secondly, the functionality of the Apple Music desperately needs regular and timely changes, including at the request of owners of iOS-devices.

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Of course, what to do Music as a separate app in the App Store, to be able to push frequent updates are not an option. Not all owners of iPhone and iPad use the store, and such software should go out of the box. However, add downloading regular updates ON the App Store would be a reasonable solution.

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