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Apple until the end of the year will launch Apple Pay in Australia and Canada

Year-end payment service Apple Pay will work in Canada and Australia, thanks to the cooperation with American Express. This was stated by Apple CEO Tim cook during a teleconference on financial activity of the Corporation in the fourth quarter. Apple CEO also added that in 2016, the payment service will work in Hong Kong, Singapore and Spain.

Apple Pay was unveiled in September last year, and its official launch on the American market took place in the second half of October. In July 2015 the service became available in the UK, and to restrict payment to £ 20. Two months later the limit was raised to 30 pounds.

In the markets of the USA and the UK, Apple has arrangements with most card issuers and payment systems. However, apparently, in the new countries of presence service clients will be limited to the use of maps of American Express. At least it’ll be at the first stage of a service deployment in Australia and Canada.

Earlier it was reported that the growth in the number of users of the payment system Apple Pay a year after launch slowed down. The service continues to gain new customers, but not as active as last year.

In the period from February to September 2015, the number of U.S. users who choose to use Apple Pay, only increased from 11% to 14%. Given that the service became available in October of 2014, it is easy to see that at the initial stage of growth was more active.

An Apple representative declined to comment on the report of analysts, but according to Microsoft, the number of transactions Apple Pay is growing each month by more than 10%. A year ago, the service began to take in 220,000 stores across the U.S., today to pay off iPhone and Apple Watch can 1 million in American retail outlets.

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