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Apple until the end of the year may present Apple TV the fifth generation 4K

Apple TV following the fifth generation, is expected to be submitted this year. One of the innovations of the model will be support for broadcast 4K video. About it reports Bloomberg with reference to informed sources close to the company.

The most popular third-generation set-top boxes Apple TV was presented to the public in the spring already quite far in 2012. The most important feature of this console was the AirPlay feature — the ability to broadcast signals from other Apple devices.

In the fourth version of Apple TV, released in October of 2015, this deficiency has been corrected. In the device there are other innovations, including Siri voice control, smart remote control, support App Store, the ability to connect controllers MFi, and updated interface.

Unfortunately, the current Apple TV was not support video in 4K resolution. Apple is not the only one who questioned the need for the immediate implementation of this standard. However, for people who buy now TVs 4K in hopes of expanding the assortment of 4K content in the near future, limiting the functionality of the new Apple TV was a big disappointment.

Apple TV 5G this unfortunate situation would be corrected. According to sources in Cupertino are working on a new model number J105, which will receive the support of broadcast video in 4K. Apple also plans to revise the interface of the operating system tvOS, offering a more convenient way of browsing content with four tabs for video, music, games and other content.

Undoubtedly, Apple pays great attention to the television market, and 4K support is one of the main issues. The company has partnered with HBO in talks about working together with a number of channels including Fox, ABC, CBS and plans, is rumored to launch its own TV service to broadcast at least 25 channels.

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The official presentation of the new Apple TV is expected in June at the conference for developers WWDC 2017.

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