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Apple TV’s first fifth-generation tvOS 11 “lit up” in the logs of the developer

Developers Studio Firi Games, developing applications for iOS and tvOS, found confirmation of Apple’s plans on further development of Apple TV. According to the source, in Cupertino are testing a model of the fifth generation, which is expected to receive support 4K video HDR. According to insiders, the announcement of Apple TV 5G could take place this year.

Studio co-founder Firi Games found in the logs unknown device with ID “AppleTV is 6.2”. The IP address belongs to the district of the headquarters of Apple in Cupertino, it is highly likely that the device is tested by developers. Model set top boxes of the fourth generation is under “Apple at 5.3”. This identifier can speak about significant updates to Apple TV.

It is also noted that “the AppleTV to 6.2” operating system tvOS 11. Apple is currently testing a beta version of the OS of the previous generation tvOS 10.2. That will offer users a new software platform information yet. The source has not shared any information about the possibilities of Apple TV 5G.

The most popular model of Apple TV 3G was presented in spring 2012. The main feature of this console was the AirPlay feature — the ability to broadcast signals from other Apple devices. In October 2015 released the Apple TV 4G, which appeared in the App store, Siri voice control, smart remote and controller support MFi.

While the current device does not support video in 4K resolution. In the upcoming Apple TV 5G, it is expected that this shortcoming will be corrected.

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According to media reports, the company has big plans for Apple TV, but in reality they are constrained by a fairly aggressive policy of Apple, aimed at making a profit. In other words, the company could make a device with additional functions and features, which would bring less profit, but instead prefers to release less functional solutions with higher margins. Support 4K video could be introduced in Apple TV 4G, but this would require the use of more powerful and expensive processor, which in turn would decrease the profitability.

Not so long ago the ex-head of television direction Amazon Fire TV Timothy D. Twerdahl went to work at Apple. He will lead the team of Apple TV and will report to Apple’s Vice President Greg GovAtom. The results of his work will be seen in a new Apple TV.

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