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Apple TV vs Nintendo Switch: what to choose?

With each update to the Apple TV device is more like full-fledged gaming console. Meanwhile, Nintendo releases a new Nintendo console hybrid Switch that can be used both offline and at home with the TV. Both devices have great potential and extensive gaming capabilities. Can Switch to compete with Apple TV or replace the Apple TV?

The models and prices

The cost of the Apple TV is 11 490 rubles for a model with 32 GB of memory and 15 490 rubles for a model with 64 GB. Will also need a HDMI cable to connect to the TV, which Apple offers separately for 1 590 rubles. For a full-fledged gaming atmosphere will of course need a Bluetooth controller.

Nintendo Switch cost is 22 500 rubles. For the money the user gets tablet console with 32 GB memory and slot for cards microSDXC with capacity up to 256 GB. Docking station comes with three USB ports – one standard and two 3.0 standard 2.0. All the necessary game components and cables you get out of the box.


Apple TV supports an image resolution of Full HD at 60 frames per second. The prefix “Apple” company was a long time ago, so it is not excluded that will soon be presented a new model with support for 4K.

About graphics Nintendo Switch all of the details were not disclosed, according to rumors, the device also supports a picture resolution of Full HD. Nintendo has confirmed that the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will work as 900p at 30 frames per second.

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The tablet has a display with a resolution of 720p at a diagonal of 6.2 inches. For comparison, a similar-sized iPad mini with a 7.9-inch screen has got the resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels, which even more 1080p.


Apple TV comes with Siri Remote that has a trackpad and buttons for the game. Until December 2016, the developers could release a game with only support for Remote Siri, Apple is allowed to use standard Bluetooth controllers.

The package includes two Switch Nintendo controller with buttons and Joy-Con, which can be used individually to play together. When connected to the tablet or pen Joy-Con become one. Although if you prefer to keep fingers on the triggers and the bumpers of the controller, this trick will not work — the buttons are too narrow and are almost close to each other. Accept that sometimes you can accidentally press the wrong key.

If you want to manage with a more familiar controller, you can separately buy a special Controller Pro. But this is purely optional, because with two Joy-Con easy to apply to any of the use cases. Many of the game sharpened under the control of only one of them, while the second can be given to a neighbor and enjoy this co-op on the fly.


Apple TV is compatible with Game Center, which means that any game with a multiplayer mode will work on the set-top box after entering the Apple ID. As for Nintendo Switch you can use the parental control feature.

Many games have a version for iPhone that can be used as an additional controller. So you can play local mode.

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Nintendo Switch, in turn, can support up to 8 controllers. This year will be a lot of multiplayer games from third party developers. Nintendo itself also introduced several of its own exclusive for this console. Games like 1-2-Switch or Arms is a variation of Boxing with the Wii – specifically designed to enable users to compete with friends in games of one-on-one.

As for online multiplayer, something Nintendo decided to go up with Sony and Microsoft to provide online service with a paid subscription. Its key feature is the ability to run games online (whether co-op or competition) which allows you to fully unleash the potential of the Switch. The expected cost of the subscription is in the range from 2000 to 3000 yen a year (about 1000-1600 rubles).

Software and services

Operating system Apple TV based on iOS, and contains the App store, where you can download a variety of content from games to weather apps.

Nintendo Switch only works with games and not support other content types. In response to Kotaku on the issue of Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services representatives of the Japanese company said: “All the strength left to make a stunning Switch Nintendo platform for video games, so at the start of any streaming services will not be supported. However, such a possibility is considered for future updates”.

Who should choose the Apple TV?

Apple TV certainly has its strengths, in particular the Apple ecosystem, and developer support. Console perfect for the living room as an entertainment hub. Shop tvOS App Store features hundreds of different games, although not all of them reach the console level.

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If you are a casual gamer who prefers simple arcade and does not want to limit yourself to just game content, the choice is obvious – Apple TV.

Who should choose Nintendo Switch?

Although all details about Nintendo Switch is not known, it is clear that the console is more suitable to fans of single player and multiplayer games. The portability of the device remains the big question, the creators said recently about 2-6 hours work time depending on the game type.

By and large, the Switch is a mixture of the Wii and Wii U. It is intended for play in the company and in any place, from home to the subway. If you more important is console games, not mobile projects and you like to play collectively, buy Nintendo Switch.

However, fans of the classic gaming experience is worth it to wait for major releases such as Splatoon 2, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and others. After all, one “Zelda”, announced along with the console at launch will not be full.

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