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Apple TV the fifth generation will get a camera that support spatial gestures

Recent years there have been rumors about the development of Apple TV. Obviously, a project so large-scale that requires extraordinary efforts for implementation. While there is every reason to believe that the company could postpone the development of its own TV set and switch to Apple TV.

The Bureau on registration of patents and trademarks United States this week issued Apple a patent describing the interaction options with Apple TV, as well as images on the TV screen.

According to the developers Apple, the device is equipped with an integrated camera and be able to respond to the hand movements in the air. One of the illustrations for the patent, you can see a user who holds a virtual object drawn in the tree view, and drag it to a gesture in a special area. Then the other person receives this content on your TV. The interaction between two users is implemented by the built-in Apple TV camera which is able to track users ‘ movements.

The patent States that the camera can be equipped with optical sensors: depth sensor of an image sensor, an RGB image, an infrared touch image, and other.

Necessary for the implementation of the technology, Apple already has: in 2013 the company bought PrimeSense, which develops three-dimensional sensors. The technology PrimeSense uses Microsoft’s Kinect controller for its game console Xbox. She reads the 3D image for digital devices. In addition, products intended for PrimeSense 3D-scanners, robotic telepresence iRobotТs Ava and visual controller Asus Xtion, similar in function c Kinect.

In the asset PrimeSense is very compact sensor called Capri, which, despite its size, is able to accurately recognize the movements of individual fingers. It is assumed that patented Apple technology will find application in next generation set top box Apple TV.

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