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Apple TV is a goldmine for developers

Immediately after the start of sales on Friday a new generation Apple TV has received a lot of positive feedback. Despite some flaws (such as the inability to enter a password with the virtual keyboard of the iPhone), updated the device claims to be the best set-top box on the market.

Without a doubt, one of the main advantages of the new Apple TV — built-in app store. Currently, App Store has around 1,000 apps for tvOS. Users will need games and apps for the new operating system that will provide good income for developers.

After the first weekend after the start of sales of Apple TV programmer Stephen Troton-Smith published a list of the best free and paid apps for tvOS. It is important to note that in the list of the most popular are relatively expensive programs. This is inconsistent with the usual standards on iOS.

So, in the ranking of the highest-grossing Sports in the lead Beat the price of $9.99, Galaxy on Fire for $5.99, Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved for $9.99 and Lumino City – $4,99. Only five apps in top 50 are sold at $0.99. In contrast, the grossing apps in the App Store for iPhone and iPad are free and suggest the presence of in-app purchases.

Perhaps it is too early to assess the owners of Apple TV, but at the moment the impression is that users set-top box Apple is willing to pay more for apps than iPhone and iPad.

The prospects of the new platform tvOS attract great interest from developers. Remember that iOS are unable to press the console because of the lack of class AAA games, but gained another success, thanks to the many users who don’t need a gaming console and not thinking cheap pay for games and in-app purchase for casual entertainment.

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