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Apple TV 4: the feature that Apple forgot

Most use only one Apple TV, but even in this case, the backup function is still very important. However, Apple has not offered ways to restore data on the device as on the iPhone and iPad. After buying a new Apple TV, it will have to be set up completely from scratch.

Restore apps

In the case of the Apple TV third generation setup takes not much time. Only need to specify the password for the Wi-Fi network, log in using your Apple ID and hide the extra pre-installed apps. The fourth generation Apple TV is a whole other story.

After buying a new set-top box, the standard procedure of connecting to a Wi-Fi network and enter the account settings, it comes to install the downloaded applications from the list of purchases. Apple kindly provides the opportunity to view the “Not on this Apple TV” so you didn’t miss anything, but overall the whole setup process a lot hassle.

You cannot load all the apps at once. You cannot restore the actual data from applications that were not synced with iCloud. If some of the game saved the progress through bonuses or unusual way, during a new installation you will lose all your progress.

All these problems can fix the backup function. When you have backup you can avoid long select and download applications, enter settings and credentials. Backup Apple TV useful not only in the case of buying additional consoles, but in that case, if the device fails.

Another problem backups

Many services streaming to the Apple TV using their own usernames and passwords. If you re-upload or any other similar app, then will have to re-enter credentials. But this problem will not be a surprise because there were complaints about her from the moment of appearance of the first iPhone backup files. Apple apparently did not want to assume responsibility for data storage in applications. Besides, it will protect the user from identity theft if an attacker will be able to restore the device from backup.

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But should exist an easier way to activate the restored applications. For convenience you could use two-step authentication on your Apple TV by entering the six-digit password and access to a special web page on the computer.

For easy re-authorization handy app for the iPhone. For example, after installing the same client for Apple TV will ask you to confirm the identity of the owner by the utility on the smartphone.

Copies for developers

Apple has done a lot of work to add to the set-top box voice assistant, cloud services iCloud and so on. But the backup function is not available on Apple TV. Perhaps Apple assumed that this function would not be very popular.

But there is another reason why this capability is required: application developers who are testing the beta version of tvOS need a backup. If a failure occurs, the recovery of all accounts and bought the apps manually will result in wasted time and nerves.

What do you think, do I need Apple TV backup function?

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