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Apple TV 4 against Moyo TV: the media center in a new way

A normal TV can be given “intelligence” in different ways — preinstalled OS, “dongles”, which are inserted into the HDMI port of the TV, and TV consoles. And if the operating system chosen by the manufacturer, and “dongles” require painstaking setup, the best option for your TV can be a TV box.

The television consoles have impressive due to its functionality and form factor of small boxes can have good “iron”. Among consoles also have representatives on “naked” Android with Play store and other things, but much more interesting console with “native” operating system.

It is understood that most of them are running on the same Android, but modified for the specific objectives “smart” TV, with the exception of Apple TV. I decided to compare two of the brightest representative of this segment — 4 and Apple TV, Moyo TV.

Moyo TV

MOYO — the first is a service that integrates many other services like online cinema and normal TV channels. It works only via a proprietary console Moyo Box, which costs 5 000 rubles. In terms of form factor it is a plain black box with a glossy cover. The housing contains an HDMI port, optical and analog audio outputs, and USB. Included with it is a simple remote control and HDMI cable.

The main screen shows the cards with recommendations that the service picks up automatically based on your browsing history and preferences. Among these cards are movies, fresh news, videos and everything that the algorithm was considered of interest to a particular user. But the prefix “understands” preferences only after some time using it, and have to manually look for the desired channel, the show and the movie.

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As for the channels, with the help of Moyo, you can watch not only live TV but also record the shows until three days ago.

In the sections “Movies” and “TV shows” to find something more or less relevant and interesting is difficult. Special attention is given section “Applications” where there are Russian online cinemas, Megogo and “Amediateka”. In fact the presence of “Mediateka” and saves the day.

Use darken frequent lags and delay after pressing the button.

Moyo is working on a subscription system, but the console you can start using immediately out of the box, because the first 30 days to view all content free. Next you will need to choose the type of subscription, and is free. It gives access to 30 channels and of the number of movies and shows of different channels. Also have a subscription with 100 channels and two channels Amedia Premium and Hit for 550 rubles a month. Subscribe for 790 rubles. adds access “Mediateca”.

Apple TV 4

Fourth generation consoles from Apple got a lot more features than its predecessor. Still Apple TV could just play movies and music from iTunes and had the support of several services, most of which are not available in Russia.

Externally, the console does not differ from third generation, except that in height it was like two Apple TV 3G. The increase in size is due to improved hardware that a comparable c iPhone 6. Such power needed to run apps from the App store. It is the presence of third-party apps from the App Store allowed us to expand the scope of consoles from Apple.

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The remote control has a built-in microphone and touchpad, and an accelerometer and gyroscope. To charge it by using Lightning. To use touch keypad is difficult to get used to the particular difficulties experienced during typing.

In terms of working with digital media library of movies, videos, and essentially nothing has changed. Besides buying movies on iTunes can be rented for much less money. In addition, remote video and music playback from iOS devices using AirPlay. The audio player has support for the Apple Music service.

On the main screen tvOS at the top are previews of the main series applications: in the case of the “Movies” and “Music” is the top, App Store recommended apps. Just below all the other programs. A long press on the icon it can move in the same row and swap with other applications.

First of all it applications associated with video content, — Periscope, Netflix, Amediateka and others. Among the games leading mostly simple arcade projects.

Apple TV is sold in two versions, 32 and 64 GB of storage, and costs 14 000 and 18 000. For seemingly ordinary TV set-top box the price is high, and it is hard not to agree. But since the sale is a last generation console for much less money and no need for the App Store, this is quite a good option.


Apple TV and Moyo are very different from each other. Unites them, perhaps, only that it’s a TV-tuner. In all other respects they are different devices for different needs.

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Apple TV is perfect for those who love cinema and TV series, as well as time for games and apps in front of the TV. It is also virtually obligatory for owners of iOS devices.

Moyo TV, in turn, for fans of the television itself, with news releases, shows and matches.

With Apple TV fourth generation from the third is support for third party applications and all that follows. That is for just watching movies and playing video from an iOS device will be enough Apple TV 3G, which is significantly cheaper.

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