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Apple topped the ranking of most valuable brands in the world

Apple took first place in the ranking of the most valuable brands in the world 2015, beating Google. The annual report publishes research Agency Millward Brown.

The total value of all the company’s brands is estimated at $246,99 billion for the year it has increased by 67%. Russian brands for the first time since 2008 was not included in the ranking of the hundred most expensive version of Millward Brown. In the 2013 report of the top 100 list includes brands Sberbank and MTS: the first took the 75-th line, and the second 80.

The leader of the rating was the Apple Corporation. No wonder, because its influence is so great that capitalization grew by $ 8 billion in a single tweet of the investor company. The value of the brand in 2014 increased by 67% and reached 246,99 billion.

The brand value of Google has increased only by 9% by the end of 2014, now it is $173,65 billion In third place was Microsoft, with $115.5 billion drove out the three IBM. Slightly less expensive companies such as Visa, AT&T, Verizon, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Marlboro.

China’s Alibaba Group first entered the rating and took 13th place with $66,37 billion Facebook has risen to 12th place ($71 billion), and Twitter has dropped 21 places to 92 seats ($11,44 billion).

In the 2014 report domestic companies are present only in the ranking of the ten most valuable brands among oil and gas companies. Ninth place went to “Gazprom” and “Rosneft” — the tenth.

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