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Apple took third place in the ranking of manufacturers of wearable electronics

According to research company Canalys, the Apple Watch sales slowed down so much that in the second quarter of 2017, Apple took only the third place in the ranking of manufacturers of wearable electronics.

According to the researchers, during the reporting period the market of wearable electronics rose by 8%. In this leading position was taken by Xiaomi company. The winner of the rating was sold for the second quarter of 2017 3.5 million devices. Second place went to Fitbit. Despite the fact that it is 34% worse than last year, in the second quarter of 2017, the manufacturer sold 3.2 million units. Apple sold 2.7 million smart watches Apple Watch, securing the third position in the ranking.

Experts Canalys noted that the market for wearable electronics is waiting for a significant jump in sales toward the end of the year. According to their calculations, after a period of Christmas and new year holidays, the number of sold “smart” watches and fitness trackers will reach 12 million units.

Recall that in the fall Apple will introduce an updated Apple watch Series 3. Also towards the end of the year to release a smart watch Fitbit promises. According to the Executive Director of the company James Park (James Park), Fitbit is not going to make a clone of the Apple Watch, however, is preparing a worthy competitor to the smart-hours of the Corporation Tim cook.

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