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Apple took the 7th place in the ranking of the best laptop manufacturers

Apple lost Lenovo, HP and ASUS in the annual ranking of laptop manufacturers make Laptop Mag. Manufacturer MacBook received the lowest score in the category “Innovation”.

Edition Laptop Mag has published an annual rating “Best and worst laptop manufacturer”. In 2018 Apple took seventh place. Thus in 2017, the company ranked fifth.

In the ranking Laptom Mag can be a maximum score of 100 points. This score is summed from five categories: “Related” — 40 “Design” — 15, “Support and warranty” — 20, “Innovation” is 10 and “Value” — 15.

Laptop Mag appreciated the support and warranty service from Apple, but criticized the technical component, and USB connectors.

Hardware is stuck in the sandbox: the MacBook is a good device, but there is nothing new, only a slight increase in performance. Where touch screens?

Minimum choice: the only Apple laptop to 1000 dollars — this is an older MacBook Air that costs $ 999. All the other laptops are from 1299 dollars, which for many is a serious barrier.

Adapters: you will not get USB 3.0 ports on modern MacBook, only USB C. These ports not only in the old MacBook Air.

Rating Laptop Mag raises many questions. Largely it is based on subjective preferences. For example, the publication felt that the design of the MacBook worse than the appearance of Lenovo laptops.

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