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Apple took 5th place in the reputation ranking American consumers, Samsung fell to 49th place

Apple is in fifth place in the annual Reputation Quotient study conducted among the 100 “most visible” companies in the world, according to the research Agency Harris Poll. Samsung Corporation in the ranking has fallen from seventh to 49th place.

The study includes two dozen major categories, reflecting the reputation of the Corporation, including the level of social responsibility, products and services, leadership effectiveness, emotional appeal of the brand, vision and leadership, financial responsibility and conditions of work at workplaces. In the aggregate these indicators Apple was in fifth place.

Samsung for the past three years firmly ranked in the top ten, and in 2015 even came in third place, ahead of Apple. The new rating, she ranked only the line 49. According to Sookman su young GU, Professor at Korean Women’s University, on the results of the South Korean brand was negatively affected by opinion the Galaxy Note 7 and a corruption scandal involving the actual head Samsung.

Apple in the ranking of the Reputation Quotient 2017 Rating ahead of Amazon, Wegmans, Publix Super Markets, and Johnson & Johnson.

In a study conducted in 1963, attended by “the elite” and ordinary users. And those and others are able to quickly abandon the use of the product, if you learn something improper about the activities of the manufacturer. 72% of the elites and 53% of users reported that more actively than before, trying to learn more about the companies and their business.

In a new Harris Poll survey participated 2.3 million people.

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