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Apple took 16 th place in the ranking of most innovative companies

Apple took the sixteenth place in the ranking of most innovative companies according to MIT Technology Review. The first leader was the developer of graphics cards and processors nVidia.

For the year Apple was in the second ten the most innovative companies, behind Google, Amazon and Intel. In the study, experts studied the activities of hundreds of companies around the globe, their innovation and contribution to the development of the industry.

nVidia is rating in 2015, this year it moved up 11 positions and proved itself as a leading provider of computing power for artificial intelligence (AI). The study authors emphasize that in the last finkvartal the company’s revenues from its data center and automotive business increased by 186% and 24%, respectively. The company also spent $3 billion to develop a new graphics chip for the seventh generation.

Apple is located on row 16. The rating notes that the company is trying to catch up with Amazon by using the smart acoustic system HomePad.

“Due to the lack of new innovative products and the cool attitude of customers to Apple Pay and Apple Watch Apple released the “smart” column with the HomePod, designed to compete with the Echo device from Amazon. The company is also undertaking developments in the field of artificial intelligence and has already confirmed interest in Autonomous driving,” reads the report.

Apple praised because it promotes artificial intelligence technologies, using the power of mobile devices, not the remote servers. The iPhone and iPad maker is doing this for reasons of confidentiality.

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Second in ranking was the company SpaceX, did not leave it with 2011. She has gained 14 positions and proved that you can create a rocket for multiple launches, a much less expensive start up cost. Three leaders closes the Amazon. Also in the top ten were 23andMe, Alphabet, iFlytek, Kite Pharma, Tencent, Regeneron and Spark Therapeutics.

A certain consolation for the Apple can serve as the fact that the sponsor of the study is Qualcomm, which is in uneasy relations with the iPhone maker.

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