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Apple told him what the life of the iPhone, iPad and Mac

Short-lived iPhone. It inherits the best features of its predecessor, refined and enters the market for some time to first harvest revenue, and then gradually fall in price and after completely disappear. After some time, the new generation, with the characteristics on the head superior to the previous device. He’s got a better screen, more powerful processor, camera, specially written applications that are installed on the new version of the operating system, and feel nicer case.

Apple marketing efforts create and stir up interest in the new iPhone, iPad and Mac, and when after the release of the interest in the gadgets are gradually falling, the approach is the following model. However, not only marketing controls the moods of your customers. To force the client to go for new clothes can and device makers – engineers, designers, programmers.

You need to recognize that actively helps customers to updated software. Many people notice a significant performance drop with the old after installing the most recent version of the operating system. In addition, Apple often cuts off the most resource-intensive software and tools in new versions of iOS and OS X, which negatively affects the user experience.

What is actually the life of Apple gadgets? Previously we could only speculate but now there is a documentary confirmation. On the new website dedicated to environmental programs of the company, there is a section “As Apple analyzes the greenhouse gas emissions at different stages of the product life cycle?”, which contains the answer to this question:

“We assume that the first owner will use devices with OS X and tvOS (iMac, MacBook, Apple TV) for 4 years, and iOS devices and watchOS (iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch) — within 3 years,” wrote Apple.

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It should be understood that these calculations are averaged. Apple expects to use its gadgets will be much longer, so the company provides technical support and service for their devices for more than six years. It is unlikely that we will be surprised if this article to read on the first generation iMac in 1998.

How frequently you update your device? What is the oldest gadget from Apple, which do you use?

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