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Apple to teach Siri to recognize your voice

Voice assistant Siri will get to know the mobile device owner’s voice, shows the new Apple’s patent application, discovered by Patently Apple online. The document describes the “voice password” to access your smartphones and tablets with iOS.

In the patent application Apple has unveiled new features to the iPhone and iPad that is designed to enhance the security of the gadgets. Users can set a password, consisting of at least one word that will replace the command “Hey Siri.”

Now the virtual assistant Apple executes commands from anyone, even on a locked device. You can ask Siri to send messages, view calendar appointments, make a call etc. If Siri enabled on the lock screen, the voice assistant will carry out absolutely all the commands. Apple developers are going to fix it.

“Now to call a virtual assistant uses voice command, voice assistant recognizes words of speech and not the person who utters them. For this reason, a user who is not the owner of iPhone or iPad can access the information of the owner, which is undesirable in most scenarios”, – writes the edition.

In the future it will be possible to set voice password. That said, Siri will recognize as the word itself and features the voice of the device owner. If the function doesn’t recognize user, iPhone can be unlocked with Touch ID or a standard PIN.

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