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Apple to pay VirnetX $ 440 million

Patent Troll VirnetX sued Apple $ 440 million.

The U.S. district court dismissed all the petitions and lawsuits Apple to new trials, confirming the verdict of the jury in the amount of 302, 4 million dollars. Previously, VirnetX said about patent infringement by Apple in the development of FaceTime and other applications, and filed a lawsuit. Initially, the company planned to receive as compensation $ 900 million.

The result of the decision made by Apple will have to pay a total of $ 440 million.

“The amount of the final solution increased as Apple has continued to use our designs. The cost of our security technology in devices that violate the rights were allocated between the sold item and amounts to less than 0.25 percent,” said CEO of VirnetX.

The amount that Apple must pay include:

  • Of 302, 4 million dollars by the verdict of the jury.
  • 41.3 million dollars for the further infringement of the patents.
  • $ 96 million for legal costs.

The resolution also increased the royalties that Apple must pay for each sold device from 1.20 to 1.80 dollar.

VirnetX leads proceedings with Apple in court for the first time. Earlier patent Troll managed to sue the company for 625 million dollars.

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