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Apple to make iPhone 6s in India

Apple moved the production of the iPhone 6s in India, writes iPhone Hacks. It happened a year later after India started to collect iPhone SE.

For production of the iPhone 6s responds to the same company that assembles the iPhone SE — Wistron. For the production of the iPhone 6s it had built an additional factory with two Assembly lines. It is reported that in addition to the iPhone 6s, Apple is considered the Assembly of the iPhone 6, but refused it because of the six smaller potential sales.

Basically, the iPhone 6s will be sold in India, but a certain part of the smartphones the company plans to export to other countries. Due to the fact that the iPhone 6s is produced in India, Apple defends the price of smartphones from any increase in import duties and taxes. In 2018, the government of India has already raised the import duty on smartphones by 20 percent, and the trade war it will inevitably grow.

In many countries in iPhone and X iPhone 8 is the best-selling smartphones. But in India the great demand of cheap smartphones, so Apple focused on producing and supporting old models.

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