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Apple: to fulfill the requirement of the FBI is to create the key to a million castles

Apple has posted on the official site answers to questions related to the unlock iPhone terrorist from San Bernardino by the FBI. The company compared this to the key generation to a million locks.

On 16 February, a California court ordered Apple to change the software on the iPhone 5c so that investigators, U.S. intelligence agencies were able to guess the password to the smartphone of one of the two terrorists, who in December 2015 in California killed 14 people and wounded 21. The Corporation must obey the court order until the end of this week.

“There is a technical possibility to create a completely new operating system that will have security disabled, as the government wants. But we believe that it is extremely dangerous. The only way to ensure that this powerful tool is not abused and does not fall into the wrong hands, it will never create it,” – said on the Apple website.

The FBI insists that Apple should provide access to only one smartphone and that it supposedly does not threaten the privacy of other users.

“The digital world differs from the physical. In the physical world you can destroy something and it will disappear forever. But in the digital world, once created, these methods and techniques can be used any number of times on any device.

Government services around the world have already stated that have available hundreds iPhone, to which they want access, if the FBI wins the case. In the physical world this means the establishment of such a key that can open million of locks. Of course, Apple will do everything possible to protect this key, but in a world where all data is at risk, he or she will be attacked by hackers and cyber criminals. As shown by the recent attack on the IRS system and numerous data breaches, no system is invulnerable to cyber attacks.

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We firmly believe that the only way to guarantee that such an instrument will not fall into the wrong hands – not to create it,” said Apple.

The Apple support openly supported by such corporations as Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Google. The candidate for presidents of the United States Donald trump on the contrary, urged to boycott the company’s products, while it does not provide the FBI with necessary information. One of the Apple executives noted that the words trump put the company “in line with other good people,” which he criticized before.

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