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Apple to embed ads in an App Store search and will change the distribution of profits for subscriptions in favor of developers

Search apps and games for a long time is the main problematic point of the App Store. Apple, of course, from time to time makes various improvements, but only now the company seems to have decided to significantly revise shop of apps and games for iPhone and iPad. But, as it turned out, the changes will be of a dual nature.

According to a statement from Phil Schiller, senior Vice President of worldwide marketing, the company is introducing ads to a search engine App Store. In the framework of the new service, developers can pay to promote their apps and games in the search results.

A similar model already works for Google in Google Play, most often it is found in the gaming section. Typing in the search “card game”, in the results in the first place will stand paid title with the mark “Ad” (advertising).

“For the first time, Apple will begin to show ads in the app search the App Store. Previously, the company had long abandoned it. “We thought about how to do it the most painless for consumers,” said Schiller, adding that advertising based on the auction model “to be fair to developers and fair to independent developers too,” writes The Verge.

Another innovation concerns promoted in the App Store. Apps that the store considered interesting, fall into the category of recommended. After the user installs the program, it will disappear from this list in the store.

Another important novelty concerns the pattern of income distribution. At the moment, Apple takes 30% of income for subscriptions in apps. In the near future, the split is 15/85, that is, the company will accrue only 15% of revenues for subscriptions.

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According to Schiller, now the applications received for moderation in the App Store are treated very quickly. Half of applications are processed within 24 hours and after 48 hours is considered more than 90% of all received applications.

Previously Bloomberg wrote that the order of hundreds of Apple employees working on “options for changes App Store”. “The secret team” working on the changes in store, head of Teresa Todd, formerly head of the advertising network iAd, before Apple decided to leave the advertising business. Now terezi and many of his former subordinates working on the App Store.

In December last year, Phil Schiller became the head of the App Store, succeeding eddy cue, who heads the division of services. It seems that the drastic changes App Store, including advertising applications and games to searching, Schiller conceived it, as the team started to work recently.

It is not known when the new changes will take effect. You should focus on the 2016 conference WWDC, which will be held June 13.

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