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Apple Time Capsule received a rebirth with the drive 5 TB and six external antennas

Company QuickerTek, which specializes in original modding gadgets Apple introduced its own version of Apple’s Time Capsule device that combines the function of the access point and remote NAS for data backup.

The base model of the wireless router Apple modem 802.11 ac and 2-terabyte disk drive received in the standard version of the new drive with 5 GB and is offered on the QuickerTek website for $499. Another $100 to the price allow not only to increase the capacity of built-in storage, but add an array of six antennas in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, installed on the top cover of the router.

Apple stopped sales of networking devices AirPort Time Capsule and Extreme in may last year. Gadgets that provide wireless access to the Internet, suddenly disappeared from the shelves of branded stores of the company. Now they cannot be purchased in any of our Apple retail stores.

Last updated AirPort Time Capsule took place in 2013. Branded online store of Apple has received the support of high-speed wireless standard Wi-Fi 802.11 ac to increase data transfer speed of up to 1.3 GB/s 2-terabyte model is $299, 3-terabyte – $399.

End of sales for AirPort Extreme and Time Capsule attributed to several factors, including the introduction of new rules by the Federal communications Commission of the United States. Fans of “Apple” of routers can order modified versions of Time Capsule QuickerTek website at this link.

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