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Apple: the second quarter will be the best for iPad for the last two years

On Tuesday Apple announced financial results for the second quarter of 2016 financial year ending 26 March 2016. The company’s revenue for the three months were $50.6 billion, and net income of $10.5 billion, or $1.90 per share.

It seemed that the quarterly report of Apple leaves little cause for optimism in relation to the iPad, but the company’s management in this respect a different opinion. If earlier the head of the Corporation Tim cook said that innovation will return in the segment of tablet computers, and “the best is yet to come”, in this conference, he bluntly stated that the coming quarter will be the best for iPad for the last two years.

New 9.7 inch iPad Pro combines the highest performance with the best in the history of the existence of the tablet display, said cook. The device is equally as good to replace the old tablet, and for a waiver of the personal computer, according to surveyed Apple customers.” The last value in the iPad Pro is a combination of portability, performance and versatility.

iPad remains the best-selling and most heavily used among the products of competitors, said Apple. In a corporate App store represented more than one million apps that are meant specifically for tablets.

The main problem of the iPad, according to cook, users do not so often change the plates on newer, if you compare with smartphones. If you do not lose sight of this fact, and dynamics of the sales of the iPad will not seem so depressing.

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In July Apple is going to announce the best results of iPad sales over the past two years.

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