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Apple: the quantity traded an old iPhone for a new one for the last six months reached a record

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Reporting from Apple shows that the smartphone market is not growing at the same rate. The American computer electronics giant managed to increase its revenue from iPhone sales is only due to the increase in average prices and a shift in demand towards more expensive models. The main idea during Apple’s quarterly reporting has led to numerous references about the incredible success of the older 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus.

Apple: the quantity traded an old iPhone for a new one for the last six months reached a record

“We are proud to announce the successful second financial quarter, in which revenue growth has only intensified in comparison with December of last year and was driven by very strong demand for the iPhone 7 Plus, — said the head of Apple Tim cook. Users has been well received both models of the new iPhone 7 (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition”.

What are the reasons for optimism found Apple in its quarterly reports? In Cupertino argue that four of the five macro-regional markets growth in iPhone sales was noticeable. In the Middle East, Western Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, the volume of sales of the iPhone increased by tens of percent.

Over the last six months the number of Apple customers who traded his iPhone for a newer smartphone of this brand, has reached a historic high, the company said. However, worried only by the fact that in this period were the last three months of 2016, traditionally fertile from the point of view of sales. If you take only three months of the year, it is likely that the statistics would be more modest.

Apple: the quantity traded an old iPhone for a new one for the last six months reached a record

Excluding mainland China, the previous six months was described and the maximum number of “defectors” from the Android. In addition, over the previous six months, Apple was able to sell the maximum number of smartphones series “Plus”, even the iPhone 6 Plus at a similar stage of its life cycle sold worse.

Compared to the same period last year, Apple increased its revenue by a moderate 5%. Of those $52.9 billion that the company was able to gain for the three-month period, 63% were smartphones. Revenue from sales of iPhone in the annual comparison increased by only 1%, while the number of smartphones sold decreased by the same 1%, to 50.8 million units. Accordingly, the increased average sales price – from $642 to $655. In this sense, of course, helped the popularity of the iPhone 7, and in particular, the iPhone 7 Plus.

Note that Apple are unable to correctly calculate the proportion of orders, and the iPhone 7 Plus remained in deficit until the beginning of the last quarter. In this model, according to Tim cook, buyers appreciate a big beautiful display and the camera system.

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