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Apple tested the iPhone with the fingerprint scanner on the rear panel

Blogger Benjamin Gaskin shared the video with the presentation of Foxconn. Information on the slides confirms Apple’s efforts to place the fingerprint sensor on the back side of the device.

The slide with the forecast and the history of smartphone development

One slide contains the following text:

“The final stage of testing, Cyclops is delayed because of a change in the location of the Mesa”.

“Cyclops and Mesa code names for the iPhone and Touch ID appropriately” says Gaskin.

Earlier in the network already had seen the video, which tested the unknown device with the name of Black Mesa and a fingerprint scanner on the rear panel. Perhaps this video is not fake, as previously thought, but a demonstration of one of the early prototypes.

On the slides there is also information about delay production of the iPhone until August. This fact fits with the rumors that the Apple smartphone with an OLED display will be in stores towards the end of autumn. Usually the partners start mass production in July, to the start of sales in September on store shelves has got a sufficient number of phones.

However, before the presentation there is very little time. iPhone 8 will present on September 12, along with an updated Apple TV and Apple Watch third generation.

Project “Cyclops” (iPhone OLED) development history.

P. S. the Mesa — code name for the Touch ID. Guy in the background keep saying “hurry up” — Benjamin Geskin (@VenyaGeskin1) September 6, 2017

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