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Apple tested the Flash on the iPhone in 2008

iPhone has never supported Flash. Apple was long criticized for this step, as many could not understand how it was possible to produce a device with a browser that is not running popular technology. History shows that the company went the right way, though, as it turns out, Cupertino is still testing this technology on the iPhone.

That Apple considered the possibility of support for Flash on their mobile devices, said the former Manager of the company’s software development Bob burrow.

Flash, developed by Adobe and used in particular in the same player, online games and video, many years dominated the Network, and now is still widely used on websites. Its main drawback is that it overloads 9 out of 10 web pages from which to work with them need more time — for both users and services, and analytical resources.

In addition, the Flash “sins” of critical vulnerabilities. Who among us does not know warning Firefox browser for setting parameters: “Update the plugin!”. Vulnerabilities reduce the security of the Internet and increase the risk of a hacker attack.

In 2010 Steve jobs wrote an open letter “Thoughts on Flash” in which he criticized the Adobe product. In confirmation of his words, jobs has caused many arguments, including the results of tests which determined its drawbacks – the lack of stability, low safety and performance. Jobs called Adobe “CPU devourer”, a source of security holes and “endangered species”.

As told by Bob barrow in 2008 Apple was testing Flash on the iPhone. Thus, according to him, Steve jobs was upset about first of all not a “biggest looser among” Flash, but poor user interface and poor energy efficiency technologies. However, the main reason why iPhone did not support Flash, was the fact that the head of Adobe Shantanu Narayen did not answer phone calls jobs. Flash problems may be solved, but the developers didn’t want to make contact with Apple.

Today on the upcoming complete abandonment of support for Flash, said most of the developers of browsers. Is Adobe used HTML5. According to experts, the transition to this standard allows you to speed up your browsers because this technology is more effectively renders pages. It is supported by many online resources, including the social network “Vkontakte”, “Classmates” and Facebook.

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