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Apple tested the cases for iOS devices and opened the section with the best deals

Apple has opened the official online store specialized section dedicated to the best accessories for technology companies. The manufacturer has offered customers the most reliable cases for iPhone and iPad, which is perfect for mobile devices.

On the website you can find the list of tests that subjected the accessories, and norms of compliance of third-party products with the requirements of the MFi licensing program “Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad.

“Each model case shell for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch goes through a series of tests before appearing in the Apple Store. Therefore, you can be sure that your purchased case will be perfect for your iOS device. We check how the accessory sits on the device and still access to every button, port and connector. And during the drop tests, we assess whether its durable design to withstand daily use.

In your device can be integrated with different sensors: ambient light sensor, Touch ID, and others. And they also thoroughly checked. They should work the same way, when you take off the case and put it on. Even when the device is in your pocket, you want the level of incoming signal meets the standards of Apple — including the cellular signal and Wi-Fi.”

Apple noted that the cover must not block the viewfinder and the camera flash, to reduce the clarity of the images and distort the color. Specialists in Cupertino even compare the sound of the audio tracks to make sure that the case or protective pad does not affect the sound, talking on the phone and the way you listen to music.

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To see the full list of tested Apple accessories at this link.

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