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Apple tested the battery and increased the gold color for MacBook Pro Lightning port for MacBook

Apple tested the battery of the increased capacity at the design stage of a new MacBook Pro, but refused it for security reasons. On it informs resource Bloomberg, citing informed sources.

In laptops the “professional” series MacBook Pro I planned to use a high-capacity battery, which occupied almost the entire interior of the housing. However, the battery failed the “key test”, specifies the edition. Apple decided not to modify it then the price of a later start and release the MacBook Pro directly, only with the battery the previous design. It is also demanded to take engineers from other projects, slowing the development of other computers.

According to preliminary data, the cause of the explosions Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was precisely the high packing density of the batteries. The plates, located at the source of supply, were overpressure, which led to the contact of positive and negative poles, the result was the generation of excess heat.

Meanwhile, the limited battery life has become one of the main complaints of the owners of the new MacBook Pro. Power 13-inch notebook provides modifications of the Li-ion battery for 54.5 W·h: battery capacity decreased by 27% compared with the predecessor, although Apple claims the same 10 hours of battery life.

Close to Apple sources also told that the early prototypes of the 12-inch MacBook used Lightning port for charging and connecting gadgets. But, in the end, it was decided to release the laptop with a universal USB interface.

In addition, Apple at the last moment refused to release a MacBook Pro in the gold version. Marketing company decided that this color “doesn’t work for such a great product.”

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