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Apple Swift entered the top 10 most popular programming languages

The experts constituting the popularity rating of programming languages the Tiobe has published fresh March top, which displays which languages are becoming more popular and losing its supporters. According to the study, currently, Apple Swift is among the ten most popular programming languages.

The leader of the index was the Java language took the first place with 16.3 per cent popularity rating, the second — With, which for this year is greatly reduced at a fraction of the queries (in March 2016 14.5%, and now — 6,86%) and may soon swap places with the third place, programming language C++ (5,1%).

Apple Swift appeared in the ranking in the tenth place with a score of 2.27%. On the one hand, last year it rose by only four positions. On the other hand, all other languages in the top ten for more than 20 years. Therefore, the result of which Swift has made less than three years, is impressive.

Apple introduced outdoor compiled language programming at WWDC 2014. Swift is intended for those who write software devices running on iOS and macOS. Swift was originally conceived as a more easy to read and error-prone programmer’s language than its predecessor Objective-C.

The ranking, compiled by the company Tiobe Software, is the most authoritative of all programming languages. The popularity index is not trying to determine the best programming language for the largest number written lines of code, and builds its arguments on the change of interest to the languages on the basis of the analysis of statistics of requests Google, Baidu, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Ebay and even YouTube.

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Experts note that the use of Swift only for iOS and macOS can be a reason that is much higher in this ranking language in the near future will not rise.

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