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Apple supplier has invested $10 million in developer wireless charging for iPhone 8

One of the suppliers of Apple, Dialog Semiconductor, has invested $10 million in Energous, a company that develops wireless charging technology long-range. Partner the iPhone maker will have the right to use the technology to charge mobile devices through the air on a distance up to 5 meters from the charger.

Energous has developed a wireless charging technology that uses radio frequency to transmit energy at a distance. A special chip that allows such wireless charging, has a small size, so no way will affect the dimensions and appearance of mobile devices.

Chapter Energous Steve Rizzon hopes that the company will sell their developments under the brand Dialog. Latest Apple delivers two-thirds of the chips control the power.

Energous chip works with a special transmitter that can be placed anywhere in the room. Installing such a radio in the office or living room, you don’t have to worry that he forgot to put the mobile on charging, as iPhone charged constantly.

According to media reports, investment in a technology company, doesn’t mean Energous will cooperate with Apple. By itself, this company is small enough to put parts of the California company. However, if the Dialog really is to use technology Energous, there is a possibility that Apple devices will get wireless charging.

Energous announced plans to launch its technology in 2017. This means that the future iPhone 8 will be able to support wireless charging with a range of 5 meters.

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