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Apple sued for stealing charging technology in the iPhone and iPad

American firm Somaltus LLC filed a lawsuit against Apple. It requires with the Corporation’s deductions for illegal use of technology charging iPhone, iPad and other devices.

In Somaltus claim that Apple gadgets used by the charging system, the patent for which belongs to a Texas company. We are talking about the document entitled “Integrated service system battery (Integrated Battery Service System). The patent also describes a way of monitoring the battery level during the charging process, which is allegedly the intellectual property of Somaltus.

“The iPhone implemented a system of charging in which the device uses to fast charge until the battery capacity reaches 80%. Then turn on the charging station – the lawyers said Somaltus. – When the battery power drops below 80%, the system switches back to fast mode.

This method of transmission is used in many electronic devices, allowing you to extend the life of power sources. Experts believe that if Apple loses court Somaltus, such claims and expect many other companies.

Last year Somaltus sued Ford, Nissan and three other automakers producing electric vehicles. According to the lawsuit mentioned, in particular, that in a hybrid Ford Fusion, Nissan Altima uses a patented “Integrated service system of the battery”. All five defendants eventually went to the peace agreement, the condition wasn’t disclosed.

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