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Apple sued for infringement in iPhone five patents LG

Patent company Evolved Wireless LLC filed a lawsuit against Apple, accusing the company of unlawful use of a number of patents on technology LTE. Patents that describe the key elements of the standard, was owned by LG and it is highly unlikely that the South Korean manufacturer sold them, without bothering about the benefits from the protection of their intellectual property rights.

According to Evolved Wireless, Apple infringes these patents in their products sold in the United States. The list of controversial patents that are the subject matter: 7768965, 7809373, 7746916, 7881236 and 8218481.

Apple sure iPhone and iPad have revolutionized the mobile market, becoming a truly innovative and ahead of its time devices. Evolved Wireless, in turn, is trying to capitalize on their popularity, ignoring the fact that the engineers at Cupertino have spent enormous amount of time creating high-tech products, and the company has invested in technology to billions of dollars.

Evolved has filed similar lawsuits against Microsoft, Samsung, HTC and Lenovo, but in the case of Apple, the difference is that LG Electronics supplies displays for smartphones and tablets the company. Most likely, LG decided to act through an intermediary in the form of a patent Troll to make patents work, but not to aggravate relations with the customer. The lawsuit was filed this week in district court of new castle Delaware.

Patents related to wireless communication LTE, not for the first time become the subject of litigation with Apple. Last year, the canadian company for the granting of patent licenses WiLan lost a court suit brought against the iPhone maker. The firm acquires patents on different technologies, then sues the company, applying them. Earlier in 2013 she has already filed a lawsuit against Apple. Then California giant also won the case in court.

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