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Apple sued by the Russian customs equate Apple Watch to the regular wrist watch

The Russian office of the Apple, LLC “Apple Rus”, has sued the Federal customs service of Russia. According to preliminary information, claims the iPhone maker connected with increase of duties on import of “smart” clock Apple Watch.

As noted by the Vc, 18 February 2016 OOO “Apple Rus” filed three complaints. One of them, on the recognition of decisions and actions (inaction) unlawful, filed in Arbitration court of the Moscow region, the defendant is not specified, but as the “other person” specified Sheremetyevo customs. Two other lawsuits filed in the Moscow Arbitration court against the Central customs administration of the FCS.

In the courts did not disclose the content of statements before they are published. The FCS stated that it did not comment on the actions of third parties, even if the lawsuit was filed against the Agency, to representatives of Sheremetyevo customs for several days could not get through.

According to sources, Apple claims associated with the decision of the FCS at the end of 2015 to impose increased customs duty on Apple Watch. In September last year, when the Corporation began to import Apple Watch, the FCS began to classify the product as a wireless device for reception and data transfer (zero fees), but after a few months, tentatively in early December, it was decided to classify the Apple Watch as hours for which levied a ten percent duty.

Due to the fact that TCF started charging 10% fee on these devices, the Apple Watch before the New year has risen in price in retail for about 15%. December 11, Apple raised the price of Apple Watch in 7 to 17%, depending on the model.

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Apple declined to comment on the situation with the introduction of a ten percent duty in the Russian Federation, the claims of the company against TCF.

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