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Apple stopped signing iOS 8.3, to downgrade anymore

Tuesday, July 7, Apple stopped issuing certificates for iOS 8.3. From this point, users have no possibility to roll back to the previous version of the operating system with iOS 8.4.

The software release of iOS 8.3 was held on 9 April. One of the most highly anticipated features in the update became Russified voice assistant Siri. Users who installed the firmware on your iPhone and iPad, had the opportunity to ask questions and perform a series of standard actions using voice commands in Russian. In addition, the new OS “smilies”.

Recently Apple made a point of signing older firmware in a few weeks after the release of the new. At this time period was quite short: the window has been closed in a week – update iOS 8.4, recall, debuted on June 30.

Currently Apple does not sign iOS 8.3 for any of your compatible devices. This means that iPhone and iPad owners can’t do a rollback or upgrade from earlier versions. However, the downgrade is the prerogative of the fans of the jailbreak, and in the presence of the tool for hacking iOS 8.4 – TaiG – back to previous version does not bear special value.

Relevant at the moment is to update iOS 8.4, the main innovation which became the Music app with a built-in music service Apple Music broadcasting. Apple Music allows you to listen to music online from the iTunes directory, which has over 30 million songs.

Currently Apple is testing iOS 9 among the developers and participants in the testing program. The release of the third beta version of “nine” with support for Apple Music coming this week.

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