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Apple stopped sales of the ill-fated LG monitors UltraFine 5K

Along with the updated MacBook Pro with USB-C, Apple introduced a 27-inch 5K monitor LG UltraFine designed for these laptops. In December, after initial delays in procurement LG UltraFine 5K finally went on sale. However, buyers are short-lived joy of the new. Many owners of 5K-monitors began to report problems in operation of devices. After numerous complaints on the websites of Apple and LG took the first decision to discontinue the sale of these devices.

The fate of UltraFine 5K monitors LG was not very rosy. First, they have way, way too late in the sale, then it became known about serious problems, which ultimately was blamed on the close location of wireless routers. LG said that it has corrected the problem in new devices, but immediately after that, the Internet has information about what problems arise and no nearby sources of electromagnetic radiation.

LG announced that it will change the design of the monitors UltraFine 5K to get rid of the appearance of problems while near Wi-Fi routers. In response to a request for comment, a representative for LG said that the company prepracticum monitors, adding reinforced protection.

Apparently Apple was not satisfied with this state of Affairs and the company stopped selling these monitors. Except that now the monitors can’t be bought at the online Apple store, sources in regular stores, the company monitors also do not sell, despite the fact that they were in stock.

Now on the official website stated that the delivery period is five to six weeks, although judging by the AirPods such an inscription may be located near the product much longer without any changes.

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Some sources suggest that this problem may push Apple to return to the market of monitors and present their own model of the monitor the Thunderbolt Display 5G.

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