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Apple still working on new generation of Mac Pro

In its latest press release, Apple representatives reiterated that the company is still working on the professional modular computer and a new monitor for it.

Recently went on sale in the iMac Pro, the most powerful computer Apple. Announcing the release of a new device, the company said that a truly professional machine with interchangeable components will be released later.

“Apple is already working on a completely rethought and redesigned the next generation Mac Pro. This device for users who need the most productive and reliable computer with a modular design and updated components. Besides it we plan to unveil a brand new monitor the professional level”, – reported in a press release Apple.

For the first time on a new Mac Pro, the representatives of the Corporation said in April 2017. Then Phil Schiller said that Apple has not forgotten about the professionals and prepare them for the new device, but its completion will require more time.

The exact release date of the next generation Mac Pro is unknown. He probably will be available before the end of 2018.

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