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Apple started on Apple Watch first generation Apple Watch Series 1 program service

Original owners of a smart watch Apple Watch, which will need to replace the device under warranty, will give a more modern model of the Apple Watch Series 1. This writes MacRumors, citing sources close to Apple.

Apple has notified store employees and authorized, Servisi centers that some components of the original Apple Watch, which debuted in 2014, may be replaced by components of the Apple Watch Series 1. In that case, if you need to replace the hours they have to give a more modern model.

This only applies to the aluminum Apple Watch in the colors of silver, gold, pink, and Space Gray.

“In some countries, components of the aluminum Apple Watch first generation (in different colours) can be replaced by aluminum components, the Apple Watch (Series 1). Now replacement parts must be performed in MobileGenius and Repair Central”.

If Apple can’t fix your Apple Watch, you’re in for a pleasant surprise: the company will replace them at the Apple Watch Series 1. The service centers have been instructed to replace at no additional charge.

Apple Watch Series 1 was introduced with Series 2 in September 2016. They are almost identical to the original model, the main difference is the more efficient processor. Series 1 has received the updated chip S1P.

The original Apple Watch is no longer subject to Apple’s warranty, but buyers who have purchased AppleCare, you are still entitled to free repair of smart watches.

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