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Apple spends millions of dollars to release iPhone 8-in-time

Apple has faced serious problems related to the release of the iPhone 8. According close to the company sources, the Corporation had problems with the technology to identify users and wireless charging in the new model of the smartphone.

As the resource the Investor, at the moment Apple wants to speed up production of the iPhone 8. To this end, the company invests tens of millions of dollars in the purchase of equipment for the production of flexible-rigid printed circuit boards, connecting main components of the phone. The cupertinos not use it alone, and licenses to its partners responsible for the production of new items.

First, Apple wanted to sign contracts with three suppliers, but one of them refused to cooperate. He was responsible for the delivery of important components for OLED iPhone. It is reported that two other provider is currently expanding production capacity, and Apple is looking for another partner in South Korea.

The company from Cupertino is preparing to introduce a new generation iPhone with an improved display, new biometric technology and iOS 11 in September of this year. It is assumed that the Home button, which now is fitted with a sensor will be removed, and the fingerprints will be read out directly through the screen. Earlier it was reported that with the implementation of this feature Apple has a problem. For this reason, the company may replace the fingerprint on the recognition of the user’s face.

Analysts suggest that Apple will either delay delivery of the iPhone 8, or release a model without the fingerprint scanner. The first decision will affect the company’s financial results for the fourth quarter, the second may hurt sales and reputation.

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iPhone this year is waiting, as expected, the most radical redesign in the history. The new smartphone will be a large 5.8-inch display is “edge to edge” and double vertical camera with enhanced support for augmented reality.

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