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Apple slows down iPhone with old battery

According to numerous reports from reddit, Apple intentionally slows the CPU in iPhone with old batteries. This is done in order to increase the battery lifetime and eliminate the unintentional disconnection of devices.

Recently a reddit user TeckFire published the results of a Geekbench before and after replacement of the battery on the iPhone 6s. Before replacing the smartphone scored 1466 points in single-core test and a 2512 in multicore score that is significantly below average and 2330 3984 points. After replacing the test showed already 2526 points in single-core and 4456 points in multi-core tests. Battery TeckFire were worn by 20 percent.

In 2016 Apple has launched a replacement program for the batteries in the iPhone 6s. This happened after users began to report an unexpected outage of smartphones. Three months after the start of the program, the company released iOS 10.2.1, which mysteriously fixed the problem in 80% of affected devices. It seems that iOS 10.2.1 just slowed the iPhone 6s, if it detects the battery is in poor condition.

“The increased power of chips A8 and A9 will make your phone switched off, if their work will not be enough voltage. An artificial decrease in productivity allows to avoid unintentional disabling of the device, so you don’t need to change the battery. I just wish Apple was told about this.” says TeckFire.

Other reddit users also noticed a decrease in performance. For example, TizzleStickz left this message:

Before replacing the battery:
1039 1749 single-core and multi-core
After battery replacement:
2488 single-core and multi-core 4435″.

It is noteworthy that even the iPhone 7 have reported similar situations:

“I was faced with the likes of the iPhone 7. Fixed by replacing the battery”.

In order to determine whether the device is slowing down due to old battery, you need to download CPU DasherX from the App Store. With this free app you can compare the current CPU frequency with the expected one.

The Geekbench app to test the performance of the smartphone. It can be purchased in the App Store for 75 rubles.

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