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Apple showed the capabilities of iPhone 6s in three new promotional videos

Apple released three new TV promo-video showing the capabilities of the flagship smartphone iPhone 6s. Video “Crush”, “The Camera” and “Flip a Coin” published on the official YouTube channel of the company.

In the new ad for Apple told about the two functions of the Communicator: a new mode of operation of the voice assistant Siri and an improved 12-megapixel camera. The iPhone 6s virtual assistant is always ready to execute commands, even when the gadget is in the locked position. Thanks to the M9 coprocessor feature is in a constant standby mode, so the gadget can generally not be touched by hands. In advertising “Crush” American actor and singer Jamie Foxx, straightening his tie, asks, “Siri, how do I look”. “Judging by your voice, I’d say you’re pretty attractive,” replies the assistant.

60-second video “The Camera” the possibilities of the iPhone 6s camera: 4K video recording mode Slo-Mo, live photos, the front facing flash. “This iPhone 6s. Not much has changed in the smartphone’s camera, except that the way you take photos,” says the VoiceOver. Along the way, demonstrates the 3D Touch display that responds to pressing with force.

In the third video we again see Jamie Foxx, who is holding two scenarios. The actor does not know which one to choose. Then he asked, “Siri, put in a coin”. Voice assistant replies, “landed on tails”, after which Fox lays one of the scenarios to the side.

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