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Apple showed multi-window multitasking and the function of “picture in picture” in iOS 9 for iPad

Apple at WWDC has introduced a new operating system for smartphones, music players and tablets – iOS 9. Live webcast of the presentation system is held on the official website of the company.

The developers have improved in iOS 9 the Siri and search system, allowing to integrate with the issuance of third-party applications. In the mobile system appears news aggregator News (available in USA, UK and Australia) and enhanced version of “Maps” and “Notes”.

More changes implemented on the iPad – tablet owners will now be able to use a special mode multitasking when screen space is divided into two parts — their is two different applications at the same time. In order to display the second application, just swipe from the edge of the screen.

Multi-window mode allows you to display two apps at once, such as the browser and maps, calendar, and Twitter etc. something similar Previously tried to implement with the help of corporate shells, some individual manufacturers of Android devices, like Samsung.

Another feature available exclusively for iPad – picture-in-picture. It works like a video in the YouTube app and lets you display any video.

Install iOS 9 will be on all iPhones starting with the 4s, the iPad starting with the iPad 2 and iPad mini and iPod touch 5. On assurances of developers, the operating system upgrade will weigh 1.3 gigabytes — almost four times less than required for iOS 8.

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