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Apple shocked the British, for a day to raise prices on Mac from 100 to 500 pounds

Without notice Apple has raised the prices of some of its devices in the UK by 20%, reports The British The Telegraph. As notes the edition, people in the country were outraged by such a move “Apple” giant. The increase touched desktops iMac, Mac Pro, and MacBook, which have risen by hundreds of pounds.

The economic downturn, the uncertainty on the UK stock market and other economic consequences caused by the decision of inhabitants of the country of withdrawal from the EU, led to the depreciation of the pound sterling. To compensate for the difference of currencies, Apple has to increase the cost of the equipment.

13-inch MacBook Air is the cheapest notebook company is now worth in the UK is £949 (72 500 USD), whereas a day earlier it had sold for £849 (64 900 rubles). For the 12-inch MacBook asking £1249 (95 500 RUB.), instead of £1049 (80 000 rubles) a day earlier. A workstation Mac Pro has risen from £500 (40 000 rubles). The device is now for sale for £2999 (230 000 RUB.) instead of £2499 (190 000 rubles).

The economic downturn and volatility in the stock markets have become inevitable for the UK after the decision on withdrawal from the EU. Now problems can start for Apple, as users will be less to buy “Apple” products. In turn, this will reduce earnings of American corporations, for which England is one of the key markets, observers believe.

“The result of the referendum in the UK was another problem for Apple customers, the company does not acquire a new iPhone as often as it would like company. In this regard, the financial results of Apple are lower than the forecasts Wall Street,” said an analyst with Citigroup Global.

After the June referendum, the pound has fallen about 18% against the dollar, and analysts expect price increases on various products, which will adversely affect the real incomes of the British.

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