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Apple shares fell in price by 6.9% due to the disappointment of investors iPhone sales

Apple in the third quarter of fiscal 2015 increased sales of iPhones and Mac computers to record as revenue from the provision of services. The financial results were above the expectations of wall street for the eighth consecutive quarter, but sales of smartphones fell short of optimistic projections.

Due to the strong results of the liquidity reserves Apple jumped to a record $202,9 billion, approximately 89% of the funds held outside of the United States. However, the price of Apple shares fell 6.9% in trading in new York after closing of the main session on 21 July that the most expensive company in the world means a loss of nearly $60 billion market capitalization.

As reported in the financial statements of the company, Apple’s net profit for the third fiscal quarter ended June 27, 2015, increased by 38.9 per cent to $10.7 billion compared with $7.7 billion in the same period a year earlier. Earnings per share jumped by 44.5%, from $1,28 to $1,85. Quarterly revenue Apple increased by 32.5%, from $37,43 billion to $49.6 billion, the share of international sales thus accounted for 64% of revenue – a few percentage points less than in recent quarters.

IPhone sales, which accounted for the bulk of Apple’s revenue, amounted in the last quarter to 47.5 million units, which is 35% more volume for April-June 2014, including in China, iPhone sales grew by 85%. The fifth quarter in a row overall rise exceeds 10%, but this time the sales were worse than the expectations of wall street analysts polled by Fortune magazine predicted their level of 49.4 million Average selling price of iPhone by $100 due to the versions of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

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Revenue from iPhone sales – $31,37 billion (+59%). However, the drop in sales and revenue in the third Fincastle compared with January-March was worse than in 2014, which also disturbed the market participants, Interfax said.

Sales of Mac computers rose 9% to 4.7 million However, the iPad remains a bottleneck: in III Fincastle the decline in their sales amounted to 18% (10.9 million devices). The reduction lasts for six quarters amid competition from cheaper tablets, though it has slowed from 23% in the previous Fincastle.

CEO Tim cook noted that iPhone sales grow ahead of market growth of smartphones in General, more than three times, and the Mac volumes continue to grow despite an overall decline in the PC market by 12% in April-June.

According to cook, Apple’s decision not to disclose the sales of “smart” hours due to fears of competition, not a lack of transparency. Analysts expected to see some data on the sales of the Apple Watch, launched in April, but Apple did not disclose them.

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