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Apple shares fell below $100 on the background of the collapse of the U.S. stock market

Apple shares fell below $100 on Monday, August 24. This happened because of the collapse of the local stock market amid global instability on the stock exchanges.

The Dow Jones formed the largest corporations in the U.S., for the first ten minutes after opening of the tender (16:40 MSK) fell by 5%, thereby losing 827 points. Suffered everything leading American corporations. Apple shares since the start of trading decreased by 10% (up to $95,17), securities of Facebook fell 12% to $75,62 per share), Amazon — 6.4% (up to $463,03), Microsoft — 5.8% (up to $40,59). In addition, Netflix fell by 14.7% to $88,67), PayPal (+9% (to $31,17), Twitter — 8.9% (up to $23,56).

The fall on the American markets continued global decline, which began trading in Asia. On Monday morning, the leading stock index of China’s Shanghai Composite fell by 8.5%. The Russian RTS index now reduced by 4%, European indices lose from 3 to 6%.

Experts say that at present the market has approached a state of panic. For example, the index of CNN’s “Fear or greed” is now just three points out of 100 (0 — “extreme fear”, 100 — “extreme greed”). The last time the index was at this level in the fall of 2014, during the period of plummeting oil prices.

At the time of preparation lent the shares of many companies began to return to the original values together with the indexes of the stock markets. At the same time, Apple CEO Tim cook sent a letter to a leading financial show on CNBC, saying that he is confident in the financial stability of the company.

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